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Tell me, how much pesticide and fertilizer did you consume today? Some studies confirm that up to 80% of the food you eat contains some form of fertilizer or pesticide. Shocking right?
Pesticides have been implicated as a causative agent in a wide variety of medical disorders affecting head to toe. Scientific findings such as these has contributed to the mushrooming of Organic food and health stores around the world selling everything from organic milk products to skin care treatments.
Organic farming ensures that the plant and animal product you ate today is free of harmful chemicals. Moreover the organic food that you brought from the nearest store is more nutritious; tastes better and more ecologically sound.
Extra care has been given to grow them the way nature intended, not genetically modified or laden with disease causing chemicals. Latest studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetable are contain 40% more nutrients than those grown with fertilizers and pesticides. Organic milk has been found to contain considerably more antioxidants than conventionally produced milk. Animal raised on organic farms are not injected with high doses of antibiotics and hormones and reared on open farms fed on natural feed. Therefore if you believe in the old adage ’You are what you eat’ only organic food can ensure a health body and mind. Recently supermarkets have started displaying Organic products in exclusive shelves. But how can you ensure the product is 100% organic in Singapore?
Where can you go to find all the information on Organic products?
Singaporeorganicshop.com is your very own portal to the amazing possibilities the world of Organic health products can give.
This website holds links to the best Organic stores in the market. If you are wondering where to start your foray into the world of Organic food, then Singaporeorganicshop.com is your answer.
The Organic Do It Yourself Yoghurt Maker helps you create yummy nutritious yogurt.
Look for video and instructions on how to make your very own organic yogurt and where to get the DIY Yogurt Maker.

有机耕作能确保你今天食用的植物和动物产品中不含有害化学物质。此外,您从最近的商店购得的有机食品中含有更多的营养,口味也更好,更生态。对它们的额外护理使其按自然有规律生长,而不是转基因以或是充满致病化学物质。 最新的研究表明,有机种植的水果和蔬菜比那些依靠化肥和农药增长的多含40%以上的营养成分。有机牛奶已被发现含有比传统方式生产的牛奶更多的抗氧化剂。有机农场喂养的动物不会被注射高剂量的抗生素和激素,而是在开放的农场使用天然饲料喂养。因此,如果你相信一句老话,那就是:“你吃什么就是什么”的话,唯一只有食用有机食品才可以保证身心健康。 最近,各大超市已经开始在专用货架上出售有机产品。但你怎么能保证那些产品就是100%的新加坡有机食品?你去哪里可以找到所有关于有机产品的信息呢? Singaporeorganicshop.com就是你自己的门户,它能带给你全世界令人惊讶的众多可能的有机健康产品。 这个网站会链接市场上那些最好的有机食品商店。如果你想知道从哪里开始进入有机食品的世界,那么这里就是你的答案。同时,你还可以获得有关如何识别市场上最好产品的专家意见。 在这里你可以找到关于如何实现在家中培养有机食品的梦想。有机酸奶自己动手可以帮助您制作美味的酸奶。在这里你可以找到如何制作酸奶的视频和说明,还有去哪里获得自制酸奶的办法。